5 Mind Blowing Facts About Crystals

1. Crystals can grow underground for a length of up to 40 feet.

It’s hard to believe when you look at pendants and the average crystal that is for sale on the internet. But it is true. If giving the room, crystals “can” grow up to lengths of 40 feet underground.

Take this story from Mexico we found on the Daily Mail. Where explorers found 170 giant crystals underground, with the biggest reaching 37.4 feet long.

“Nearly 1,000ft below the Chihuahua Desert in Mexico, this cave was discovered by two brothers drilling in the Naica lead and silver mine. It is an eerie sight.

Up to 170 giant, luminous obelisks – the biggest is 37.4ft long and the equivalent height of six men – jut across the grotto like tangled pillars of light; and the damp rock of their walls is covered with yet more flawless clusters of blade-sharp crystal.”

– http://- http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1081072/Pictured-The-Cave-Crystals-discovered-1-000ft-Mexican-desert.html

The photos below were taking in Mexico. The left picture is the Cristales Cueva De Naica and the right picture is the Carlsbad Cave

Keep in mind before we go to the next fact. Crystals grow in unexpected conditions and are filled with uniqueness in their traits.


2. Almost any solid material can crystallize—even DNA.


Since the process of crystallization by definition is the “formation of large crystals in pure state from their solutions”, we see many examples of crystals developing in certain environments in our every day environment.

For example. Salt, DNA, sugar.

Don’t get caught up in thinking that crystals are all healing. As number 4 will show, the fact that almost any solid material can crystallize brings on the logical assumption that certain crystals can have negative effects oppose to the benefits we and “new agers” like to discuss.


3. Crystal matrix’s follow the patterns of sacred geometry.

“The crystal grid is a manifestation tool that joins crystal energy with sacred geometry. When we align an underlying geometric pattern with compatible crystals, we can focus and amplify our intentions. – http://loveandlighthealingschool.com/introduction-crystal-grids/”

Crystals can be laid out in the form of a grid. The picture below is an example of this.


The orientation of the crystals in this layout is said to be the most proficient and effecting the chakras.

4. Certain crystals lead to obesity, heart disease, and other common illnesses – Such as sugar for example.

Earlier we stated that sugar and salt are both crystals. The form you take them in is crystallized. The rationale to this claim is that certain crystals, such as salt and sugar, cause damage when used in excess. I ask the commenters to please post any other dangerous crystals they can think of (that doesn’t involve meth)
The picture below is a close-up of asbestos. A crystal substance used in the construction industry for many decades. It’s not widely known the cancer it caused and has been not used in many decades.


. A “fancy intense pink” diamond recently set a world record when it was purchased at auction for $46 million by a London jeweler.




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