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Where To Find Crystals: Bancroft, Ontario

Bancroft, Ontario

Known for: Sodalite, white quartz, rose quartz
Events/Places: Rockhound Gemboree, Bancroft Mineral Museum, Princess Sodalite Mine Rock Shop
Mines: The Miner’s Loop, The Richardson Mine, The Marmonaton Mine, Deloro Mine
Rock and Mineral Collection Sites: CN Rock Dump, Bear Lake Diggings, Golding-Keene Quarry, Beryl Pit

Bancroft is a small town in Ontario, Canada. It’s one of the most beautiful places I have traveled to. It was settled into during the 1850s by Irish immigrants and United Empire Loyalist, and became a mining industry dominated town in the 1950s to 1982. With only a small population of 3,8800 (2011), Bancroft benefits greatly from its connection to the mineral and rock niche.

Each summer Bancroft holds their annual Rockhound Gemboree, which is said to be the second biggest of its kind in North America. A great celebration of crystals and rocks that brings together tourism and commerce. The Rockhound Gemboree is a great place for finding almost any type of crystal you can think of. There are many store fronts and activities, and behind the scenes you can find wholesale deals and establish business connections.

It’s a must go to place for crystal collectors, sellers, and hobbyists in Ontario. At the Gemboree, not only do you have the chance to buy many different crystals, but you can also dig for them and learn the ins and outs of the whole process. This variety at the show makes the Gemboree a worth-while reason for traveling to Bancroft.

Not only for it’s landscapes, mines, and collection sites, but as well for their many shops and tourist activities related to crystals.


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