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Where To Find Crystals: Thunderbay, Ontario

Thunderbay, Ontario

Known for: Thunderbay Amethyst
Mines: Amethyst Mine Panorama, Diamond Willow Amethyst Mine, Blue Point Amethyst Mine
Shops: Purple Haze Amethyst, Superior Amethyst Gift Shop

Thunderbay is known for it’s unique Amethyst which is called called Thunderbay Amethyst. This region of Ontario is known specifically for the growth of these crystals, especially along the rocky shores of Lake Superior.

This is a must travel for those interested in rocks. An industrial city with a beautiful skyline and surrounding forests, Thunderbay takes pride in their landscape which is known to be rich in amethyst. So much so, that “Thunderbay Amethyst” is very specific to their region. You know you are known for a crystal when people brand it with your cities name.

Thunderbay is very remote and quite a far distance from any big cities. From Toronto, you are looking at a 1200km trip.

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