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Where To Find Crystals: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Known for: Tourmaline, Topaz, Beryl, and Quartz
Events/Places: LEGEPMaria Oiticica, The Hippie Market
Tours: H.Stern, Gemological Tour

Rio De Janiero in Brazil was a place I felt the need to cover. Not because of mines or rich mineral areas, but due to the Brazilian Brazilian shopping experience.

Whether it be a storefront, beach tent, or vendor, crystals and rocks can be found all around you. A big part of this is because of the mineral rich mines surrounding Rio De Janiero. Within 200 miles of Radius there are a variety of different areas to mine crystals.

Brazil has a reputation for their rare crystals and mines. It would only make sense that a place as populated as Rio De Janeiro will have a lot of different options for buying crystals. Be cautious of the black market for fake crystals and other criminal activity. You should be fine if you stick to the stores and don’t leave the main beach areas.

The H.Stern tour in Rio is very well known for its H. Stern World Headquarters. You can plan a tour to their headquarters, with safe travel there and back. The headquarters is in the Ipanema District of Rio.  You can find more information on their website posted below. This is a description from their website about their main tour.

“H.Stern’s World Headquarters are a complex like no other. They were built to house not only an industry but everything connected with the jeweler’s art. As you take the H.Stern Workshop tour, you will see how jewelry is made – from the rough stone to the ready to wear jewel. Discover the beauty of gemstones, Brazil’s cultural riches, and admire the quality and design of our collections.”


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