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Where To Find Crystals: Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs, California

Mines Near By: Complete map of the area around Palm Springs – Check the map out!
WhiteWater Rocks, Rock & Gem, Crystal Fantasy

Palm Springs, California is a well known place for being a celebrity hot spot. It’s very close to Indio, California which hosts Coachella every year. The many shops around town are worth attending, but make sure to bring your wallet/purse. The prices can be high, but the abundance of shops also gives you the opportunity to find deals and affordable prices.

The upscale parts of Palm Springs have quite a few places where you can find rocks and gems. I’ve listed a few above, but there are many more that you can find. There are some large warehouse shops down to coffee shop size gem stores. The prices will also differ like the sizes. The smaller shops in my experience have more expensive specimens, but are very user friendly.

Doing a little bit of research into places to buy crystals in Palm Springs, The Crystal Fantasy is the most consistently highly rated shop by tourists and locals. Yelp gives them four stars with 77 ratings in the categories of Jewelry, Art Galleries, and Gift Shops. This high rated healing crystal shop is in downtown Palm Springs and has been around since 1987, The Crystal Fantasy can be found at 268 N Palm Canyon Drive.



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