Are some healing crystals bad?

This is a question you might be pondering while shopping for a healing crystal necklace. Some people believe that wearing a crystal outside of your zodiac month is bad luck. In places such as India and Babylon it was a common ritual to request information from an astrologer on picking out a gemstone to wear. The choice of gemstone was chosen based on the birth date of the person buying the stone. We now consider these claims and theory to be the whole basis for birthstones.

Which tend to base their sales point on zodiacs signs equating to certain crystals. Such as blood-stone and Amethyst being sold to a similar crowd. I find this tends to be more of a sale-tactic to make your decision easier and make it feel more personal. Whether or not those who spread this claim are right is not something I have the knowledge to say. I can say for sure that there has been no science that even studies this.

The picture below (http://yume.vn/ban-biet-gi-ve-da-quy-35c1c402.html) lists each month with their “corresponding” crystal. A big question that comes up is whether this means the wrong crystal on the wrong month is bad.


We do not believe that size, color, or the month of your birth date effect the abilities of the crystals. Astrology is interesting and worth considering, but there just isn’t enough proof to warrant avoiding crystals because of specific qualities. There is no science to back it up and it’s completely anecdotal, but the “perfect cuts” that more resemble a diamond and give off the best light tend to be the preferred choice.

To make the assertion that a “bad crystal” exists is to enlist a conclusion on a claim that has little to no data to back it up. At the same time if the faith that allows you to believe in the healing of crystals is strong enough, the yin and yang of the whole paradigm would make sense for there to be bad crystals if there are good crystals.

Our name “Aura Hemp” was decided on based on our thoughts of crystals and hemp. Together they create an aura. Based on what? Everything. The same way anything from nature holds beauty. The “aura” of a crystal is viewed to us because of the colors, the shape, etc. Not necessarily because of the claimed healing abilities. We strongly believe it’s important to differentiate between our goal of selling jewelry, and those who are trying to sell an alternative healing method.

So, what do you think. Does wearing an amethyst in May cause bad luck?





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