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Where To Find Crystals: Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs, California

Mines Near By: Complete map of the area around Palm Springs – Check the map out!
WhiteWater Rocks, Rock & Gem, Crystal Fantasy

Palm Springs, California is a well known place for being a celebrity hot spot. It’s very close to Indio, California which hosts Coachella every year. The many shops around town are worth attending, but make sure to bring your wallet/purse. The prices can be high, but the abundance of shops also gives you the opportunity to find deals and affordable prices.

The upscale parts of Palm Springs have quite a few places where you can find rocks and gems. I’ve listed a few above, but there are many more that you can find. There are some large warehouse shops down to coffee shop size gem stores. The prices will also differ like the sizes. The smaller shops in my experience have more expensive specimens, but are very user friendly.

Doing a little bit of research into places to buy crystals in Palm Springs, The Crystal Fantasy is the most consistently highly rated shop by tourists and locals. Yelp gives them four stars with 77 ratings in the categories of Jewelry, Art Galleries, and Gift Shops. This high rated healing crystal shop is in downtown Palm Springs and has been around since 1987, The Crystal Fantasy can be found at 268 N Palm Canyon Drive.



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Where To Find Crystals: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Known for: Tourmaline, Topaz, Beryl, and Quartz
Events/Places: LEGEPMaria Oiticica, The Hippie Market
Tours: H.Stern, Gemological Tour

Rio De Janiero in Brazil was a place I felt the need to cover. Not because of mines or rich mineral areas, but due to the Brazilian Brazilian shopping experience.

Whether it be a storefront, beach tent, or vendor, crystals and rocks can be found all around you. A big part of this is because of the mineral rich mines surrounding Rio De Janiero. Within 200 miles of Radius there are a variety of different areas to mine crystals.

Brazil has a reputation for their rare crystals and mines. It would only make sense that a place as populated as Rio De Janeiro will have a lot of different options for buying crystals. Be cautious of the black market for fake crystals and other criminal activity. You should be fine if you stick to the stores and don’t leave the main beach areas.

The H.Stern tour in Rio is very well known for its H. Stern World Headquarters. You can plan a tour to their headquarters, with safe travel there and back. The headquarters is in the Ipanema District of Rio.  You can find more information on their website posted below. This is a description from their website about their main tour.

“H.Stern’s World Headquarters are a complex like no other. They were built to house not only an industry but everything connected with the jeweler’s art. As you take the H.Stern Workshop tour, you will see how jewelry is made – from the rough stone to the ready to wear jewel. Discover the beauty of gemstones, Brazil’s cultural riches, and admire the quality and design of our collections.”


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Where To Find Crystals: Barahona, Dominican Republic

Barahona, Dominican Republic

Known for: Larimar, Amber
Places: The Larimar Museum, The Larimar Shop

Dominican Republic is known for being both rich in Amber and Larimar. What separates larimar is that as far as we know, Dominican Republic is the only place in the world that contains this crystal. Larimar mines are hot tourist attractions, and gift shops typically will sell larimar based jewelry. I have had the privilege of meeting a Larimar whole-seller who was stationed at a booth in a resort. Not a bad place to setup shop.
Larimar is said to only be found in the province of Barahona, and was only discovered as late as 1974.

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Where To Find Crystals: Thunderbay, Ontario

Thunderbay, Ontario

Known for: Thunderbay Amethyst
Mines: Amethyst Mine Panorama, Diamond Willow Amethyst Mine, Blue Point Amethyst Mine
Shops: Purple Haze Amethyst, Superior Amethyst Gift Shop

Thunderbay is known for it’s unique Amethyst which is called called Thunderbay Amethyst. This region of Ontario is known specifically for the growth of these crystals, especially along the rocky shores of Lake Superior.

This is a must travel for those interested in rocks. An industrial city with a beautiful skyline and surrounding forests, Thunderbay takes pride in their landscape which is known to be rich in amethyst. So much so, that “Thunderbay Amethyst” is very specific to their region. You know you are known for a crystal when people brand it with your cities name.

Thunderbay is very remote and quite a far distance from any big cities. From Toronto, you are looking at a 1200km trip.

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Where To Find Crystals: Bancroft, Ontario

Bancroft, Ontario

Known for: Sodalite, white quartz, rose quartz
Events/Places: Rockhound Gemboree, Bancroft Mineral Museum, Princess Sodalite Mine Rock Shop
Mines: The Miner’s Loop, The Richardson Mine, The Marmonaton Mine, Deloro Mine
Rock and Mineral Collection Sites: CN Rock Dump, Bear Lake Diggings, Golding-Keene Quarry, Beryl Pit

Bancroft is a small town in Ontario, Canada. It’s one of the most beautiful places I have traveled to. It was settled into during the 1850s by Irish immigrants and United Empire Loyalist, and became a mining industry dominated town in the 1950s to 1982. With only a small population of 3,8800 (2011), Bancroft benefits greatly from its connection to the mineral and rock niche.

Each summer Bancroft holds their annual Rockhound Gemboree, which is said to be the second biggest of its kind in North America. A great celebration of crystals and rocks that brings together tourism and commerce. The Rockhound Gemboree is a great place for finding almost any type of crystal you can think of. There are many store fronts and activities, and behind the scenes you can find wholesale deals and establish business connections.

It’s a must go to place for crystal collectors, sellers, and hobbyists in Ontario. At the Gemboree, not only do you have the chance to buy many different crystals, but you can also dig for them and learn the ins and outs of the whole process. This variety at the show makes the Gemboree a worth-while reason for traveling to Bancroft.

Not only for it’s landscapes, mines, and collection sites, but as well for their many shops and tourist activities related to crystals.


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Things to do with a healing crystal

Crystals are generally awesome and have a bunch of practical uses. You can use them for rituals/hobbies, decorations (my favorite), or send them back to us (It will cost money). Buying crystals is a good investment for those people who are into collecting. Most stuff that people commonly collect will lose value over time. A crystal, unless physically impacted, will not deteriorate in your life time².

Crystals are not boring. Hold your crystal in the sun and admire the vast amounts of detail that the process of crystallization has presented. In your hand you hold a natural occurring stone that has gone through years of a natural process to get to its current state.  The many vibrant colors, cuts, edges, and other characteristics of crystals hold a place for all sorts of different interests.

Look into your crystal. Where in the world can they be found? What is the value of the crystal? There are so many different belief systems that are interesting to study. A good example I would like to refer you to is from our friends over at Clear Creek Crystal Mine, they have designed an easy to read bipartisan article related to what different people believe about crystals. It’s worth the read. (Article here)

Below is a list of 5 creative ways you can use your crystals. Lets be honest, there isn’t much to base this list on. So bear with me as I intrigue, and/or bore you with a list of 5 ways to use your crystal when it separates from its hemp body.

1. Use your crystal as a decoration

Book Shelves

The main use of crystals for decoration purposes in my own home are bookshelves. The clusters can work as book stoppers (Be careful!). Where you place your crystals is completely subjective to your taste, but it might be of interest you to research feng-shui decoration practices. There are many books, youtube videos, websites and Sub-Reddits dedicated to the practice.

2. Use your crystal for art project

Crystals look good with everything. Whenever we’re asked about fashion choices that go well with our crystal jewelry, we are confident in saying that you can’t go wrong. Crystals are just stunning, photogenic, and work great to create images. The picture below is an example of what I think of an collaborative image:

3. Give to somebody as a special gift

Crystals are special, always unique, and will last a life time. All good reasons for giving them as a gift. A donation, etc. I like to give people crystals that astrologically pertain to their date of birth. To me its the perfect sentimental personal gift.

Another way shoppers like to buy for friends and family is to do buy each crystal in accordance to their alignment with the chakras. You might have seen a chakra wand before. This is essentially the fashion version of the wand.

Wear all 7 different chakras for each day of the week. You could always wear all 7 at the same time at different adjustable sizes, though this is not advised for aesthetics and definitely not advised for the safety of your neck muscles.

4. Learn about healing crystal rituals

As I have stated many times on this website in articles and product pages, we sell our crystal necklaces as a fashion product ONLY. With that being said, learning about the different belief systems that surround crystals is a very interesting rabbit hole to go down. It’s good if you are a skeptical disbeliever in crystal healing properties to read the literature for forming arguments.

An important disclosure we like to make: Don’t use our jewelry in replacement of medical intervention and treatment. Learning the beliefs whether it’s related to negative ions or astrologically, the leap of faith to use healing crystals instead of medical treatment is risky and we don’t suggest it

With that being said, learning about the different claims surrounding crystals is fascinating and can quickly become a hobby. It might be the healing properties, the release of negative ions, or the nature of ridges and what they mean to the definition of a crystal. It’s all very interesting.

5.  Send it back to us to be re-wrapped

So if you have a crystal and want it re-wrapped, we offer services through Aura Hemp. The price will reflect shipping costs/hemp, but will be less money in contrast to buying a completely new necklace. Or you can learn to make macrame yourself, send it to a different business, or find a cool hippy at the new music festival you’re at who knows the practice.

In all seriousness, we do offer this as a service and have a lot of experience rehabilitating necklaces to a better state. The cost will reflect the shipping costs for your shipping address, the size of the necklace.

Contact us with a picture of the crystal and any other details pertaining to your requests. We will look at the crystal and decide whether it’s salvageable.

You can contact us through this form, or directly at





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The best books about healing crystals

1.  The Crystal Bible 1, 2, 3 – Judy Hall

Go to any crystal shop, new age store, you will more than likely run into a lot of literature from Judy Hall. She is a huge name in the crystal community and has written several series of books related to crystals. The first time I went in a book store and asked for “books related to crystals”, the shop owner suggested “Judy Hall!” almost instantly. In the new-age section I found all three of her Crystal Bibles on the top section. I’m bias because this was the book that introduced me to crystals, but a quick Google search will show you the good reviews this series gets. It’s a good mixture of science, new age theories, and most importantly.. beautiful pictures.

The crystal bible breaks down hundreds of crystals. Listing their properties, how to use them, and facts related to each crystal. This book for many years was my automatic go to for information related to crystals, and much information related to crystals was learned from reading this book.

Judy Hall has wrote 3 crystal bibles. We list all 3, but the newest version “The Crystal Bible 3” is the most up to date and comprehensive book yet.

2.  Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic (Paperback) – Scott Cunningham’

Scott Cunningham writes books leaning towards new age beliefs. If learning hard scientific facts about geology is your thing, this book MIGHT not be for you. Are cleansing, tarot card reading, and learning about the potential healing properties of crystals interesting to you? This book IS for you. With over 200 thousand+ copies sold world wide, Scott Cunningham has opened many peoples eyes to the rituals and beliefs surrounding healing crystals. This is the perfect book for the skeptic (like me, ironically), and for anyone just looking to learn about some interesting ideas.

As this book is an “encyclopedia”, the format might be too dry for some readers. Much like Judy Hall’s Bible’s listed above, Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic is very organized and mostly done in bulletin form. I read this book completely linear as you would a novel, which can be done and I do recommend it. Now I tend to use the book to look up and investigate terms I hear thrown around in the crystal community.

The cover and illustrations are another selling point with this book. The front cover with the bright purple bag with crystals spilling out of it looks fantastic on the book shelf. I did judge a book by the cover in this situation, fortunately it was a great choice.

3. Crystal Therapy: How to Heal and Empower Your Life with Crystal Energy (Paperback) – Doreen Virtue and Judith Lukomski

Written by both Judith Juokmski and Doreen Virtue (the founder of Angel Therapy). Much like Scott Cunningham and his books, this is written in a format that describes crystals in a way that allows you to apply them to your spiritual practice. Inside of the book, Mrs. Juowmski and Mrs. Virtue cover the basis of 94 crystals, their healing properties, and how to use them practically for “crystal therapy”.

Although I would say this is a good refresher for those educated in crystal therapy; I do say this book is perfectly written for the beginners. The information goes deep and expands, and I think they did well summarizing a very tough subject. I think it’s fair to say this book wasn’t written to become a novelty (no pun intended), but instead to share light on some of the common methods and practices out there.


4.   The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach – Robbert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian

The Book Of Stones is a great introduction to the ties between crystals and science. This book illuminates the scientific nature of crystals.

5.  Encyclopedia of Crystals, Revised and Expanded (Paperback) – Judy Hall

This book is a collection of the already 5 star rated books written by Judy Hall. There is information in this that is as stated, revised and expanded. It falls into the number five position because of how novel the books in the top four are. With that being said, this is a MUST read for those who are interested in learning about crystals.

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