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It has been known for over a hundred years that hemp can be a quality, economic fiber, with many uses with very little environmental impact. Especially in comparison to the current fibers we use, and the habitats that we ruin to get them. Hemp instead of deforestation can be a viable option going forward. As the planet heats up and natural resources disperse, finding alternative means of doing things will be a requirement to stay alive.

A LOT of problems with agriculture, medicine and famine could be solved with the use of hemp. The list of possibilities is endless, as this fiber is so versatile. From batteries to clothes, hemp is the way we have to go.

The widespread use of hemp has to be begin with open discussion. An open-minded dialogue, specifically with those who confuse hemp products with marijuana products. We will talk about some of the differences.

You have all seen the memes by now, the long info-graphics that tout the benefits of hemp. The internet is causing this information to spread like a wildfire. Look at the legalization of marijuana across North America as an example of the progress being made. This generation of memes and info-graphics can be filled with click-bait, but also valuable information. All attention towards the hemp legalization cause is good

There is no scientific, medical, or logical reason for hemp being illegal, anywhere. The connection between marijuana and hemp is weak. Though closely related, one is psychoactive and the other is not. Both are useful, both should be legal, but one should CLEARLY be legal. Hemp.

Before my shop name was “Aura Hemp”, we were called “High On Hemp”. A funny eye catching name with some witty wordplay. It did become apparent quickly that many people cant decipher between marijuana and hemp. CBD and THC. The ignorant group it all together as one bad entity and don’t want to learn the difference.

It was never a problem removing our name from packages, but it did make me question the level of awareness and dialect happening out there in the masses. If a package with a bracelet or necklace from “High on Hemp” cant be discussed in a non-harmful way, then I can’t imagine how a discussion about marijuana and other substances would go.

Discussing hemp despite beliefs about marijuana is a safe zone. Both marijuana and hemp come from the same family of plants. Just as wheat, sugar, and alcohol are all closely related. Though you cannot get drunk off of wheat or sugar.

You can not get high off of hemp alone.

Eating hemp will not get you stoned.

Your hemp necklace will not get you arrested.

Your hemp shampoo is not putting THC in your scalp.


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