How to choose a crystal

What is your birthstone?


Often times, crystals have an associated birthstone. As many do, you may choose to pick your crystal based on your date of birth. It’s an internet rabbit-hole when researching the beliefs of connections between geology and astrology. I suggest if you are interested in this sort of thing that you check it out.


Note: Different belief systems and ideologies differ in their gemstone/crystal birthstone calendar.


Is the crystal real?


There is a lot of quackery and fraudulent activity in the world of crystals. I can tell you first hand that many crystal jewelry companies are selling look-a-likes. In many cases, glass pendants painted to look like the crystal they claim to be selling. We do not do this. If there is a case where a mistake happens, transparency is our most important point as a business. When you are buying a crystal from our shop in the form of a necklace, from a bulk-seller, or another Etsy shop.. Take the crystal to get tested, and report back with your findings.


Is the crystal aesthetically pleasing?


We’re a fashion product first, how you choose to use us in your life is your decision. Some people, including myself, choose to wear crystal hemp jewelry for the aesthetics properties. These things are absolutely beautiful. The nature and age that can be seen within the fine details of every crystal brings a life to them that gives them this certain Aura.




What acclaimed healing properties does the crystal have?


Crystals and stones are sold typically under the guise of their acclaimed healing properties. We have moved away from that as a selling point, but have complete respect for your spiritual beliefs. There are different theories to why crystals have healing properties. These are a few of them.



Note: We do not condone the use of crystals in placement of medical intervention.



What size of a crystal do you want?

Our crystal selection is diverse and filled with different shapes. When purchasing a crystal necklace from Aura Hemp (us), you can see a picture of all of the different crystals and choose your preferred one.

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