Aura Hemp was created in 2011 by two wannabe entrepreneurs, Janie and Alex.  We still manage and run this business together in 2017 and will continue to expand it for many years.

In 2016 we switched our business name officially from “High on Hemp” to “Aura Hemp”.  Aura Hemp is a name we thought aligns with our future plans better, and illustrates the product that we sell in a responsible manner.

The success we have had with our business is a surreal dream. Taking a hobby in macrame, and making it into a flourishing business and brand on Etsy has been a great achievement.

In the early days most of our jewelry was simple square and spiral macrame knots, with the choice of different hemp colors. Around 2013 we started to experiment with using crystals as pendants. Our inspiration came from others who were attempting to do the same thing.

Thousands of tedious hours spent making macrame jewelry allows us to send every package with the assurance of quality. The versatility and strength of our jewelry has been highlighted by many reviews on our Etsy page. Where we proudly have a 5 star rating with over 1000 ratings.

In 2016 we started a website and created our own domain (the one you are on now).  Our team also expanded to add the very talented Rebecca Ewing from Craft Love Craft Life. Her stunning hand-stamped bracelets have been a great collaboration with our shop. Currently Rebecca has her own shop (here) and collaborates with us in our Etsy Shop.

Although obviously we did not invent macrame. We work every day to innovate and expand the craft that was once so limited in choice.

With only so many knots of macrame to create, we are excited for all of the opportunities that combining other natural products offers. Lava stone bracelets with natural oils. Our authentic crystal necklaces that allow you to wear the earth around your neck. Innovation is more important to us than anything. We owe it to our customers!

The geology of crystals is what we mainly focus on, but the spiritual and healing claims/beliefs surrounding crystals are something we discuss too. Whether you look at that portion as fact or fiction, our jewelry will still look beautiful on you.  Combining both the scientific (geological) findings with new age theories makes for a story told in fashion.