Raw Larimar Crystal Hemp Necklace




  • This is a listing for a custom hemp necklace with a raw larimar pendant (very lightly polished). You can select your preferred crystal when ordering.
    You choose from 4 different necklace cord color choices: black, brown, natural, or natural mix (see photos for a preview of the colors).
  • There are two beads at the ends of the necklace chain (colors will be chosen to match the necklace).
  • The necklace has an adjustable sliding knot: it can lengthened up to 34 inches
  • It is recommended that this necklace be removed prior to showering or swimming to maintain its best quality. If taken care of properly, this hemp necklace can last you years.

Additional information

Necklace cord color

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Crystal choice

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Origin of stones: Purchased directly from Dominican Republic

Healing Crystal Information

Larimar is an object of pride for Dominican Republic. This stone is part of a legend about Atlantis. Fortune-teller Edgar Keisy predicted that people would discover the remains of a sunken continent in the Caribbean Sea and an indicator would be a sky-blue stone with incredible curative properties.

Larimar tells us that life, like the skies and seas, are always changing and in chaos yet underneath this seemingly chaotic exterior is the peace of the eternal soul. This stone represents peace and clarity. It brings health and love energy. Larimar helps a person to turn ideas into reality.


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