Aqua Aura Raw Quartz Necklace

Aqua Aura Quartz Necklace, Raw Crystal Necklace, Long Crystal Necklace, Healing Stone Necklace, Healing Jewelry

* Select your own aqua aura quartz point (See other photos) ! *

♥ Necklace chain is made out of natural, vegan hemp cord (4 color choices)
♥ There are two beads at the ends of the necklace chain
(colors will be teal, blue, white, or black based on what we have available)
♥ Crystal pendant is an aqua aura quartz
♥ Our aqua aura quartz points are 1.5 to 2.25 inches long
(see other photos to choose your own crystal for your necklace!)

Necklace length

The necklace has an adjustable sliding knot; it can lengthened up to 34 inches

How to take care of your crystal necklace

It is recommended that this necklace be removed prior to showering or swimming to maintain its best quality. If taken care of properly, this hemp necklace can last you well over a year.

Spiritual beliefs about Aqua Aura Quartz

Aura quartz points are created by bonding molten precious metal dust (e.g., platinum, gold, silver) with clear quartz. They have an unusually beautiful appearance, and are often optical / iridescent, such that when held up against light at different angles, they will reflect different colors. These Aqua Aura Quartz, in particular, reflect shades of gold. They normally appear like a frosty sky blue.

Aqua Aura Quartz has a very high and intense vibration. It has been used to activate the energy of other minerals and gemstones for healing work, and can be a potent stone when used in body layouts for activation of the Chakras. Aqua Aura can be successfully applied to smooth and heal the auric field, and to release negativity from your emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual bodies. Aqua Aura is a stone of spiritual elevation, which can help raise the vibration of all humanity. Relaxes the body and mind. Releases stress. Generally a stone connected with the element of water.


Crystal choice

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Necklace cord color

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